Meeting Minutes - April 2019

TRPM’s general meeting, held on Wednesday, April 3, 2018 at Perry’s Restaurant in Odenton, MD, was called to order by 1st Vice President Jeff Hurley at 7:53 pm. Introductions were made around the room. Betty Cornwell said the blessing, followed by Violet Houston, First National Bank, leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

Recognition was given to our Associate Members in attendance: Violet Houston and Maria Lebow-Little from First National Bank, Evan Landauer from JerrDan, Jim Kerr from East Coast Trucking, Herb Ash from Maryland Carrier, Rick Hindle from Capitol Truck Equipment, Brad Rosenkilde from R&A Associates, and Tammy Goode from BBSI.

Handouts included the Agenda and minutes from the March 6, 2019 meeting. A motion was made by Charlie Parrish to accept the minutes, Rachael Rogers seconded. Motion carried.

BULL & OYSTER ROAST – Wayne Sullivan mentioned that volunteers were needed to help with the Annual Bull & Oyster Roast. This year, tickets were being drawn out of the barrel by Wayne, with Joyce Green and Peggy O’Neill recording the ticket numbers.

This is the nomination meeting for open positions on the Board. There are four Director at Large positions up for re-election. Three of the current Directors at Large had expressed interest in remaining in their positions, and one was being vacated. Charlie Parrish nominated Ted Dent, Will Caine and Larry Green to remain on the board. Wayne Sullivan nominated Mark Sylver for the open position vacated by Bob Harrison. Since there was no other interest, the nominations were closed. Charlie Parrish then made a motion to accept the nominations and seconded by Wayne Sullivan. The motion passed. An acclamation was declared by Barbara Beatty, Secretary.

Jeff Hurley won the 50/50 for $172 with ticket #423643. He graciously donated the winnings back to TRPM. The door prize was donated by JerrDan Corporation and was won by Charlie Parrish with ticket #423406. This being the meeting before the Annual Bull & Oyster Roast, no Big Money tickets were drawn. Jeff Hurley adjourned the meeting at 8:22 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara Beatty, TRPM Secretary

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