Meeting Minutes - August 2018

TRPM’s general meeting, held on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at Mama Lucia’s Restaurant in Prince Frederick, MD, was called to order by President Pat McElroy. Pat then explained several handouts that were provided: corporate tax laws that have taken effect; and TIMS Training on August 25, 2018. There are 2 training locations: one at State Highway and one at Sullivan’s Garage. The blessing was given by Rita Dent, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

President McElroy presented a survey to the members asking (1.) What are the major issues

in your area that you would like to see the Committee investigate this year? (2.) Who are the

Legislators/Government leaders in your area that are important for us to meet? (3.) What topics would you like the Education committee to address through training sessions? Topics related to small business development and technical training? (4.) Would you like to be involved in any of the Board Committees this year? Committees are: Education, Government Affairs/Legislative, Membership, Communications, and Ways and Means. Anyone can join a committee (including Associate Members).

Corporal Saunders, of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office, was the guest speaker. He

explained Charles County’s new policies and procedures regarding licensing. All tow trucks in Charles County must be registered and licensed in order to pick up vehicles and drop them off within the county. If your towing business is located inside the county, you need a license. If your towing business is outside the county:

- If you’re coming into the county to pick up and drop off inside the county, you need a license.

- If you’re coming into the county to pick up a car and tow it outside the county, you do NOT

need a license.

- If you’re picking up a car from outside the county and dropping it off inside the county, you

do NOT need a license.

The Maryland State Police has been sending out the renewal applications. If you haven’t

received yours, call your barrack. Issues with State Police were brought up by several members. One of the main issues seems to be MSP calling for tows with no owner present and they’re being reported as “owners request.” Vehicle owners are saying they didn’t request a tow by the tow company and it’s creating a lot of problems. Another issue is whether or not a vehicle is being stored by the State Police. The troopers aren’t informing drivers when a vehicle is being stored and they’re getting released without the proper release form. President McElroy informed everyone that the board has been working with a particular sergeant and he needs details so he can try and straighten things out. If you’re have problems, please let Betty or Pat know the details and they will make sure

to get it passed on to him.

Vendors and associate members were asked to stand and be recognized. Members are urged to contact our associate members who help support our association when they need towing equipment/supplies.

Door prizes were supplied by JerrDan. Blue tickets 442915 and 442929 won. The 50/50 of

$63 was won by red ticket 423328. The Big Money Raffle had over 200 tickets sold for the first drawing. July was ticket #044, Arminta Bloom and August was ticket #026, Jim Rembolt. Both winners won $500.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara Beatty, TRPM Secretary

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