Meeting Minutes - August 2019

TRPM’S general meeting, held on Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at Mama Lucia’s Restaurant in Prince Frederick, MD, was called to order by President Wayne Sullivan. The blessing was given by Rita Dent, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance being led by Ted Dent. Introductions around the room were made.

Violet Houston, Vice President, First National Bank, gave a short presentation on what First National Bank can do when it comes to financing new equipment. She introduced Chris Kramer, a Financial Advisor at the bank, who explained his services.

Sergeant Stern, Tow Truck Supervisor, MSP Calvert County, was the guest speaker. The towing applications are due in by August 15th. Calvert County MSP mirrors the Sheriffs Department. Betty Cornwell asked the Sergeant if he would be open to attending a meeting with the Calvert County towers. He was very open to the idea. Betty touched briefly on the Slow Down/Move Over Day and asked if the MSP could arrange a message board on Route 4 on that day. That brought another issue up of the law not being enforced. Jeff Hurley and Wayne Sullivan explained that previously the law was not explicit enough so that when it went to court, it was basically being thrown out. That has been rectified and the new version has “more teeth” in it where it specifically states by how much a vehicle has to slow down or move over.

Jeff Hurley gave a quick rundown regarding Governmental Affairs. There’s not much going on right now. Behind the scenes, TRPM is still working with SHA on the CERT program, and the Maryland State Police regulations. Looking for a new sponsor to help with the bill to get 12 titles instead of just CS-78’s. With last year’s election, the MSP regulations were shelved temporarily. TRPM is trying to get that back in the works and get it finalized. Ted Dent, Education Committee, distributed a handout in reference to tow truck lights. In the meantime, Betty spoke about the Spotted Lantern Fly. It’s been found in Pennsylvania and is a danger to agriculture industry. Any commercial vehicle that travels through Pennsylvania must have a certificate showing where they have taken the online course. If unable to produce the certificate or permit, the fine can be $500. ELD’s (Electronic Logging Device) must be installed and operational by December 16, 2019. Ways and Means Committee, along with the Family Fun Day Committee, has worked together to get everything in place for National Slow Down/Move Over Day on October 19th at State Highway in Hanover, MD. Fliers are on the tables, which includes the registration for the beauty contest, there will be mini seminars put on by our suppliers and vendors, food, pumpkins, costume contest, face painting for the kids. The event is free to everyone, thanks to the donations provided by our sponsors. Information is also on TRPM’s website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’ll be a fun day for all, please come out. The handout Ted Dent distributed was brought back up. It contains Maryland law 22-318-2 concerning amber tow lights. Amber lights can be displayed “by a tow truck while at the scene of an accident or a disabled vehicle or while towing a vehicle.” A vehicle on top of a flatbed is not considered being towed, it’s being transported. Another light situation brought up was the while LED light bars. New regulations are being written banning the use of these lights. Violators will receive a repair order to remove them, if caught with the lights back on after being told to remove them, it’s a $2500 fine.

The 50/50 drawing was won with ticket #4161719 by Jeff Hurley for $245. He graciously donated it back. The door prize of 4 Orioles Tickets with a parking pass was won with ticket 348231 by Mark Sylver. He offered them to the first person who spoke up, which was Charlie Parrish. The July Big Money Ticket for $500 was won by ticket #224, Jed Hurley. August’s Big Money Ticket for $500 was won by ticket #136, Sarah Hurley.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara Beatty, TRPM Secretary

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