Meeting Minutes - June 2019

The TRPM General Meeting was called to order by President Pat McElroy at 7:05 pm.

Following introductions, the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer were done.

Legislative Committee - Jeff Hurley, Chairperson. The State of Maryland has passed a law to increase minimum wage to $15.00/hour. President McElroy has spoken with Senator Kathy Klausmeier. She's agreed to try and develop a task force to look into the minimum wage law and how it's going to impact the small businesses.

Education - Steve Palmer, Chairperson. A handout relating to your company's technical and business

development. This will help you identify what kind of training TRPM can provide to help you and your


Membership - Barbara Beatty. Nothing new to report.

Communications - Jim Beatty. There is a Members Only Section on the website. You must email Jim to request

a password from the web guy. He will get you set up, email you a password, then you sign on and change the

password. There has also been comments about the newsletter not going out. If you want the newsletter, let

the board know so that they can start being sent out again. Newsletters are posted on the website under the

Members Only Section.

Our guest speaker, Ron Parker from the Law Offices of Parker, Pallett, Slezak & Russell, LLC., gave a presentation

on insurance, what the companies try to get away with, and what you can be held liable for. Make sure your

Articles of Incorporation are up to date so Per that your corporate shield cannot be pierced. Double check your

insurance coverage to make sure you have enough, before you need it and find out you don't have enough.

Wayne Sullivan brought up that Mr. Jesse Hurley, who has been in the towing business for 76 years, will be

turning 89 in June.

Betty Cornwell spoke about the spotted lantern fly in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and the $500 fine involved

if you run through these states without being certified. More information is on the TRPM website.

Per TRPM's request, the Maryland State Police is trying to make it a smoother process for the tower to obtain


The State of Maryland is on the lookout for people not paying taxes on heavy duty diesel due to companies

using off road diesel. Audits are being conducted at random.

A Slow Down/Move Over Day is being held on October 19, 2019 at the State Highway Administration. Fliers are

on the tables.

The 50/50 raffle was won by Lee Banks for $225.00. He graciously donated it to TRPM.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

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